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Knoll Morrison Metallic

$750.00 $450.00

ID#: 0117002W
Quantity: 20
Size(s): 7×5 (must be in shared configuration)

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Product Description

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Knoll Morrison Metallic

  • PRICE DROP TO $450.00 ea.
  • Workstation Size: 7×5 (must be in shared Bull pen)
  • Manufacturer: Knoll
  • Product Line: Morrison
  • Panel Trim: Medium Metallic Grey
  • Panel Fabric: As Is Original Knoll Fabric Unknown
  • Panel Height: 64” Tall
  • Surface Laminate: Legacy Light Grey
  • Surface Edge: Rounded Self Edge
  • Surface Size: 24″ Deep
  • Pedestals: 1 Each BBF and 1 each Lateral File
  • Pedestal Type: Fixed Morrison
  • Pedestal Trim: Medium Metallic Grey
  • Upper Components: Overhead Cabinet
  • Electrical Code: National Code
  • Receptacles: 2 duplex receptacles per
  • In Feeds: Priced Additionally

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